Flick Fix and a Few New Fish

Flick now works even when the line isn't snagged; i.e., it's actually a useful upgrade! Flicking repeatedly is less effective. Space bar now works like left click. And there's a few new small fish. Nothing fancy, but expect more soon~

Question for Discerning Fishercats:

Do you all prefer these small daily updates or would you prefer a sizeable content package a few times a year?


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There’s a slightly physicsy casting, then you drag your lure through the piscine-infested waters, attempting to steer past the fishies you’re not after, and attract those you are. It works by scale, with small fish taking the basic bait, then larger fish wanting smaller fish, and so on....
We decided a new round of performance improvements was overdue. This is a more aggressive version of the last performance patch; we're hoping to make room for an upcoming content update.In addition to performance improvements, there were a few bug fixes and balance changes:- improved save file stabi...
It is now possible to reset the catalog: just open it and click "reset". Doing so should reset your quest progress. If you have been experiencing the quest bug and this doesn't allow you to take new quests, please report as a bug here or in the forums. Important Note: Many fish behaviors/interacti...