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Cat Goes Fishing is an Android app that offers you an awesome experience as you fish. You will have to use bait to attract fish. This Google Play app for Google Android is very easy to play and can become addictive with time.

Graphics/ Sound 4/5

The graphics of this app are not that unique. They are very simple and mostly give a charming appearance to the player. The fishes appear in different sizes and colors. In my opinion, the theme colors incorporated in the game are just plain and playing the game cannot leave you with a memorable experience. Cat Goes Fishing play and update should require enhancements of the graphics to give the game a better appearance. The background music is fantastic, and it provides a cool atmosphere to play. 

Interface and Controls 4/5

I think that the interface of the Cat Goes Fishing game is straightforward to use. There are walkthrough videos that allow you to know the game. Each fish character has unique features. This aspect makes the game engaging and more fun to play. In each and every level, you get a guide. This way, it is possible for you to understand how the game works. Personally, I find the guide tool very helpful as the game can become a little challenging at times. Amazingly, there are also modes that enlighten the player on how to overcome the challenges. Executing controls is effortless and can easily perform moves to make a win. These interface features enhance the usability and convenience of the app.

Gameplay 4/5

The gameplay value for this app is relatively high. Cat Goes Fishing is the free version of this game. Therefore, it contains limited functionality. The full version of this game is yet to be released for Android devices. However, there is a version that is complete and must be paid for. It contains in-app purchases such as rewards, rods, bombs, and rockets. These elements enable you to fish your preferred fish by preventing the others from eating the bait. Cat Goes Fishing free download game also has high replay value. Playing the game again is exciting but can become frustrating especially when all the bait is eaten by the small fish, and you cannot catch a shark.


I have been playing this game for a while now and think that an upgrade to the latest version can make it one of the leading apps in its genre. Even though it appears simple Cat Goes Fishing free play gets difficult as you aim for bigger fishes. I would recommend this game to any person who loves ridiculous and charming fun. The cat fishing and selling its catch seems funny to me. The background music is incredible, and it sets you in the mood of executing your moves. However, the use of bombs might not sit well with you. In case it blows, all the small fish will be killed which is not right in the real world. This Cat Goes Fishing can be downloaded for free on Android devices.